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Resume Writing

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I'll Share some helpful Tips for Writing Effective Resume. Hope you will find it helpful.


Do not mention personal information such as:

• Age, weight, height, marital status, gender, dependants, race, religious or political beliefs.

• Do not date or sign your resume.

• Avoid the overuse of the word “I†and words such as, enjoy doing, or responsible for. Instead, begin sentences with strong action words that are more explicit such as: operated, organized, coordinated, handled, performed, provided, administered, prepared, or maintained.


• A Career Objective tells the recruiter specifically what type of position you are seeking. It must be used when sending a mass mailing and when no job is advertised. You must also elaborate on your skills and abilities and sell what you have to offer in your cover letter. Your letter addresses what position you are interested in and this usually emphasizes your career path, goal, and your ultimate objective.


• Another suggestion is to use a Personal Profile in your resume to introduce yourself and tell the recruiter who you are. It is a short overview of your achievements and highlights your best skills and abilities and how you directly relate them to the position being offered.

If you have anything to share regarding CV/Resume then post it here.


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Enclosed are the Two Sample Resume for a quick start for those who want to build a resume.



You will need a resume for the rest of your life, so keep it up-to-date and "SELL YOURSELF at every opportunity"

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Avoid the overuse of the word “Iâ€

Actually ur not supposed to use this word at all.. if I remember correctly from my business class..

hey Thanks Waqas bhai for sharing this.. hopefully it'll help those who are updating.. making new resume's...

On a personal note I am very happy to see u in this section! :)


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I was busy in final semester exams so i was not coming online since weeks, now im free from exams and back again.

I got a brand new job and i got help from all these stuff, so i want to post this, may be can helpful for others :)

Thanks Sis for your reply :flower:


P.S Wait for more to come

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Tips Tips & Tips

? Your message should be pleasant and not annoying

? Get first and last name and telephone number to call back and confirm your interview date and time

? Your E-mail Handle should not be ignorant, weird or annoying KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL

? Do not use a Cell Phone when calling an employer

? Have someone else proof or critique your material

? Obtain a Letter Of Recommendation

? Rehearse interview questions

? Dress for success when looking for employment

? Job Hunting is essentially Selling Yourself

? Explain your knowledge by giving examples

? Send a thank you

? Update your resume on a regular basis

? They have to like you - You have to Fit In

? Brag about yourself ?

SELL your education / knowledge, training, skills, abilities, experience, what you can do,to everyone you meet, in your Resume, Cover Letter, & Interview

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Use Action Words while making Resume, few action words are given as under, download attached file for all actions words.

Accomplished	Performed, completed, succeeded in doing
Achieved            Reached or attained by effort
Acquired            Gained by and for oneself
Adjusted            Arranged, put in the correct order
Administered      Managed or directed the execution of affairs
Adopted        Took up and practiced as one?s own
Advanced        Moved or put forward, made progress
Advised         Recommended a course of action, offered an informed opinion                                 based on specialized knowledge
Aided                  Helped, assisted
Analyzed         Separated into elements and critically examined


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oh wow the code is real helpful.. I really hope ppl see these topics because...

they are very helpful I mean.. if u read this I dun think anyone needs to look or research more on the net..

Awesome collection.. very very helpful :yes:

once again I am very happy to see u.. and congrats on ur new job.. Mind telling us what u work for? :)

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> You will see these “general†words and phrases in employer job postings.

> Use them in your resume, profile, and cover letter.

· Ability to work in a fast paced environment and meet deadlines on time and as required.

· Devoted to providing excellent customer service to all new and regular customers.

· Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment or as an individual with minimal supervision.

· Detail oriented with a high degree of accuracy. · Excellent communication skills both verbal and written.

· Ability to organize and prioritize a heavy workload.

· Ability to manage the data requirements of a firm including, but not limited to, data entry, performing internet searches, data base development, recommend and implement data processing changes.

· Detail oriented in design development through to preparing working drawings for permit and construction.

· Ability to provide technical support to TCP / IP protocol diagnostics, PC hardware and software diagnostics, internet related configuration and troubleshooting.

· Ability to produce schematics for electrical and pneumatic circuits using AutoCAD 2000 software.

· Ability to maintain the lab and all equipment, perform routine testing, and evaluate finished products.

· Ability to perform material testing, soil testing, groundwater sampling, monitoring construction projects, building construction surveys, drafting, and field report preparation.

· Strong interpersonal, organizational, planning, and decision-making skills.

· Highly motivated, dedicated, dependable, reliable, efficient, enthusiastic, energetic, etc.

Will Post MORE EMPLOYABILITY words and Pharases very soon.

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Waqas bhai, this is such a nice info.. thanx for all that

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hey waqasbhai...

thats really informative..

as i was readingmy cv..i thought it lack sumthing..kuch.kharab tha..aur ya kuch kamtha..par thatsreally informative

lolz..i havemany thingsin my resume..that u have mentioned..noit 2 write..thankz..ur 2good

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Common Expressions you can use:

 Graduated and received diploma or expected to graduate on or prospective graduate

 Highly motivated, dedicated, dependable, reliable, efficient, well organized, self starter,

enthusiastic, confident, high energy, prompt, punctual, eager to learn

 Strong organizational skills or extremely or highly organized

 Extremely or thoroughly or tremendously efficient

 Excellent communication skills both written and verbal or both oral and written proficiency or

possess strong or superior verbal and written communication skills

 Ability to work in a team environment or independently with minimal supervision

 Able to work with minimum supervision and be a committed team player

 Able to meet deadlines and work in a fast paced environment or in a multi-disciplinary setting

 Can perform well in a multi-task environment

 Ability to work in a fast paced environment with multiple priorities

 Enjoy team work and multi-tasking and a busy environment

 Able to function independently and prioritize work schedules in a busy environment

 Demonstrated strong interpersonal and organizational skills

 An excellent opportunity to excel with a world class company on the cutting edge of

 Hands-on skills and in-depth training with many computer software programs or applications

 Keyboarding and computer familiarity or computer literate

 Has excellent computer skills and internet ability

 Own a dependable, reliable vehicle & possess a valid driver’s license with a clean driving

record or valid drivers license with a clean driving record or a clear police record

 Proficient in or using Microsoft Word and Excel

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1. Office Administration - General

Extremely organized, thoroughly efficient and highly organized

Answer the telephone and take detailed messages

Provide or show excellent telephone etiquette

Answer incoming fax / telephone requests

Receive incoming telephone calls, ascertain person or number or extension desired and makes

connections and direct inquiries as appropriate

Sort and direct incoming mail and prepare large mailings

Fax outgoing faxes and deliver incoming faxes to staff

Photocopy information, including collating and stapling

Process of sales orders and work order requests

Assist customers in troubleshooting and day to day problems

Writing basic quotations for standard parts

Displays a high level of accuracy

Prepare cash sheets, match invoices

Track employee absentee reports

Maintain good relations with customers, vendors, and fellow employees

Perform client and administrative filing

Type reports and business correspondence, complete forms and other materials, some of which may be of a confidential nature

Good oral and written communication skills and the ability to deal with the public in a professional manner

Excellent organizational skills and the ability to prioritize work loads and attend to multiple, concurrent tasks

Ability to perform data entry

Keeping client files up to date and organized

Assist in miscellaneous office duties that may arise

Able to keep up with large volume of paperwork

Process reports, memos, and other related documentation

Assist with faxing, photocopying, collating, mailing, distribution, and tracking

Sort faxes, open / sort / distribute mail

General office assistance

Provide great customer service skills

Enthusiasm and energy

Perform a variety of routine clerical duties

Maintain inventory records and check them periodically against physical inventories

Safeguard and accurately processing transactions including internal sales, visa, mastercard

Close out and balance of cash drawer

Provide excellent customer service in a very busy environment with many competing priorities

Superior organization, problem solving, time management and communication skills are essential.

Display a high level of maturity, and be understanding and diplomatic when dealing with internal or external clients who may present difficult and complex problems.

Work co-operatively with other staff members while being responsible for the following:

Open and distribute mail

Match supplier invoices to purchase orders and packing slips

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2. Reception

Answer the multiple telephone lines and screen callers and visitors

Skilled at handling the public with professionalism and sensitivity

Greet incoming visitors

Receive telephone and mail requests

Ability to work and perform as receptionist and maintain the busy switchboard

Experience using a busy Meridian switchboard

Excellent or exceptional telephone manners

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Excellent interpersonal skills

Prepare, sort, and organize outgoing and incoming mail

Seal, and weigh mail, affix postage, and groups mail according to postal requirements

Strong organizational skills with the ability to prioritize

Familiarity with the use of all types of office equipment

3. Office Administration Medical

Knowledge of and familiar with advanced / or general medical terminology, medical billing and Experience with OHIP billing

Maintain Medical Services appointments

File confidential information, record statistics, order supplies, photocopy and

provide detailed information to clients and community visitors

Clinical typing of consultation and follow up notes and correspondence

Excellent telephone manner

Answer telephone, book appointments, process mail

Excellent communication and human relations skills

Demonstrated ability to complete tasks with a great number of interruptions

Patient clinic bookings for private office

Telephone patients to confirm appointments

Book investigations tests and referrals to specialists

Organization of office and daily activities

Requires patience and good organizational skills in order to deal with clients who are ill and/or anxious

Type dictations, filing, be able to type 50 words per minute

Transcribe using a Dictaphone

3. Office Administration Legal

A sole practitioner requires

Emphasis on civil and family litigation

Areas of practice include real estate, estates, litigation, matrimonial and corporate

Computer literate with knowledge of legal procedures and terminology

Computer skills necessary are Windows 95, WordPerfect 7

Type letters, memos, pleadings, contracts, court documents

Experience to deal with client requests


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woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! u guys are amazingly intellectual... :coolyar: Thanks for sharing such cool info!

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When it come's to me!... I Just check about Experence's, rest 're not need for me!!!........

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Nice sharing. In CV mostly local business interviewers see your experience, work achievement and Technical skills.

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