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Sending Your Favourite Topics To Ur Frnds


You can send your favourite topics to your frnds and family by clicking on the Email this Topic Link

read on to learn more...

You will find this link in the location circled in red in the picture below


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Open your favourite topic that you wish to send.

Click on the Email this Topic link.

After that you'll be taken to a page that looks something like the image I have attached below

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See the image above and you'll notice I have marked 5 steps in it.

Here is what you should do with it.

Step 1:

Type the name of the person you are sending your topic to.

Step 2:

Type his/her email address. make sure that you have written it correctly.

Step 3:

Enter the subject of the email that will be sent from this website with your name

Step 4: (Optional)

Change the BODY of the email.

make sure that the link remains there

Step 5:

Click on the Send Email button.

That's all you have to do. Now an email will be sent with your name to the person and he/she can click on the link in that email to visit that topic.

I tried to make it as simple as possible but if you have any problem then plz reply to this topic

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