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Sorry As I Am Posting This As Topic!

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Asalm o ALIkum! all!

well i am so sorry as I am posting this Xplaination Post

Well i am getting Lotssssssssssssss and Lotsssssssss Of msgs and Pms from my lovely lovely fellow members! all worried .. as i am not much regular! and at time i am unable to reply to their Pm's :down:

well yes ALLAH KA shuker hay i am behter.. and na anay ke wajha masrufiyat bb hay or shyed abhi khud b malom nahe! though i try to get online as much as i can1 i am not at all unawear about wat is happening at Community! Kinu kay This is my 2nd Home..! where i stay alot! so i can't let me stay away from my house ...

baki i am so sorry as i dont reply to pms very quickly but trust me that dont mean that i dont liek you or nething1 you guys are as dear to me as ever.. its just i am lost..! have to figure out myself taht wats wid me..! kher... as manyof my frdns said kay shyed now i dont like them! and dont care for them1 to i ll say just one thing "Shut-up and give ur brain something nice to eat1 so they can't think silly thoughts.."

baki one thing i always said to all my frnds that i am not a very good frnd! so dont miss me so much.. just b sure whenever you ll need me i will b right there for ur help...!

but jin jin nay mujhay likha hay as i dont care for them! and mujhay un say koi masla hay tu STOP THINKING like that!

bus kuch may asi ho gai hon and kuch halat ! INshALLAH i ll reply to ind as soon as Possible..

Thnx Alll!

Love Ya..!

NaDaN :(

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Wa Alikum salam;

I am Confused after reading ur topic.lakin as ur order k give ur minds something better to think.so I wont say anything more.

Just i want to say TAKE CARE N BEST OF LUCK!!

Hope to c u around!!

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oho thanks that nadan appi bhi kuch boli hain i got u nadan appi i got u :)

Wish U all the best

Allah Hafiz

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aww that was so nice of you Nadan ....to make a thread and jump in ;)

Girly! we won't let ya go anywhere. You should be coming here unconciously too and also conciously :D

take bery good carez and do visit us often!



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Hi Nadan,

Hope u remember me?

hope everything is just fine. :!:

Just wanna say BEST OF LUCK at every step of ur life.

Take Care,

In Love,


" S I D D "

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