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I think I 've already put into the notice of "new borns " new to this site that I need help to sort out the problem of getting stuck in chat room it seems to be there is no way out from there. fact is I 've got signed in and entered the general room ur caht member list was showing me in that room but only after saying aslam-o-alikum either I've been bounced out or some error was there cause list was showing me in general room nither I was signed out nor I was in room physicaly, when I 've tried to re-enter the room it says nick is already in use :banghead: :banghead: I think goodguys r out there to slove this problem and guide the new commers.

:yes: best of luck

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our chat is web-based not java-based

that's y soo many people from Pakistan and abroad choose our website to chat. (Alhumdu Lilah)

sometimes it happens that ur connection is slow. that's y u get disconnected from the chat server and these errors displays.

Don't worry. Its just because of slow connection nothing else. The GREEN signal on the top-right corner of that chat room indicates u r connected and when it turns red it means u r disconnected from the server.

I hope this workx for you :D

Waqas Kamran

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help Admin. there is still problem whom i m suffering it isn't working properly mean it (window) hangs during the chat..... :(

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