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Need Quick Action


<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV class=RTE></DIV>


<P>MUsafir is here...</P>

<P>Yar... Plz QUICK action TO BAN him/Her</P>

<P>I think he is Slatter..</P>

<P>Now he is [Metallo]</P>


<P> </P>

<P>this is PVT </P>

<P> </P>

<P>[chumbelli] 1:25 am: ji<BR>[chumbelli] 1:25 am: meh nay usse ignore ker diya hai al<BR>    [almusafir] 1:26 am: U know him?<BR>[chumbelli] 1:26 am: no<BR>    [almusafir] 1:26 am: Kiya wo fazool tang ker raha hay?<BR>[chumbelli] 1:27 am: ji<BR>    [almusafir] 1:27 am: QUICK RPLY<BR>[chumbelli] 1:27 am: ker raha tha<BR>    [almusafir] 1:27 am: ok...<BR>    [almusafir] 1:27 am: OK...is per ACTION ho jay gaa As soon as possible<BR>[chumbelli] 1:27 am: ok<BR>[chumbelli] 1:27 am: thank u<BR>________________________________</P>

<P>[Metallo] 1:35 am: u r friend of lala<BR>[Metallo] 1:35 am: u tell him he is gandu</P>

<P> </P></div></html>

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