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    Hum jo mil jaty haen asani se .. Log smjhty hain k bekar hain hum
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    <<<< Eid Mubarak >>>> Kon kon zinda bach gya aur kon kon qurban ho gya hy is Eid per?
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    Sometimes it's better to be alone.. especially when you've FOOD .. (*_* )
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    Wallah itna sannata to sahara desert me b na hota ho ga .. na he insanu ki itni qillat amazon jungle me hoti ho gi .. aur itna sakOon to pacific ocean ko b na naseeb hua ho ga .. jitni khamOshi, sakoOn aur khali pan CY ka hissa ban chuky hain .. -_-
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    Friends may change, things may end .. but the memories last forever .. !!
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    If it doesn't open .. Its not your door
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    If you have the power to make someone happy .. Just do it .. The world needs more of that.. :)
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    Pehly hota tha mujhy shiddat-e gham ka ehsaas ... Ab shiddat-e ehsaas ka gham hota hy
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    Be the kind of person who leaves a mark, not a scar ..!!
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    If you cannot live alone, you were born a slave..
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    Hello guys.. any old member here?
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    Plz ijtimai dua for my exams :p
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    hey this is daineee....hope u still alive
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    Daaim abad rhy gi duniya .. Hum na hun gy koi hum sa ho ga ..!! Allah Hafiz CY
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