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Pakistan Quiz

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PAkistan Quiz

total marks = 10

1>The National Anthem of Pakistan approved by the Government in

a. August 1947

b. August 1954

c. August 1951

d. August 1950

2) What is the meaning of Pakistan?

a) Muslim Land

b) Land of five rivers

c) Desert

d) Holy Land

3) Which party was in power in North West Frontier Province at the time of independence?

a) Muslim League

b) Congress

c) Justice Party

d) Communist Party

4) How many times did squash player Jansher Khan win World Open?

a) Six

b) Seven

c) Eight

d) Nine

5)The UN World Heritage Site of Shalimar Gardens is located in which Pakistani city ?





6)Which 8611 metre mountain lies between China and Pakistan ?



c) Everest

d) Kangchenjunga

7- On September 11, 1948, Jinnah died in Karachi at the age of 72. What was the cause of his death?




Heart attack

8). Zia was killed in an airplane crash possibly caused by sabotage in _____________.

July 1988

June 1988

September 1988

August 1988

9) Which of the four Indo-Pakistan wars did not involve any conflict in the disputed region of Kashmir?

1965 War

1971 War

1999 Kargil War

1948 Kashmir War

10). WHich of the following aircraft was NOT in service with the Pakistani Air Force during any of the Indo-Pakistani Wars?

F-16 Falcon

F-15 Eagle

Mirage III


dont be googling ..try to use your own information about pakistan ...

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Okay let me try

Q1 .. Nhai ata my guess would be 1950

q2 .. option D sure about it

q 3 Muslim league ...i think 1946 k election main yahi jeete the

q 4 C eight .. wild gues

q 5 Lahore .. come on was that a question ;)

q 6 K2 ... half guess

q 7 TB 100 % sure .. ( people have other stories as well )

q 8 sure about it 17 August 88

q 9 1971 war

q 10 F 16 falcon, ,Merag and F7 star were heos of 1965

Okay kitan score hoowa mera ???

Rukh wont be coming here soon so i will check answer and revert back :D

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I will ask Rukh to reply it :D

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1- August 1954

2- Holy land


4- Eight times

5- Lahore

6- K2


8-August 1988

9-1971 War

10-F-16 Falcon

I done. Plz confirm my answers :p :biggrin:

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