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  1. rabbia

    Coolyar Forum Completed 9 Years.

    Congratulations Cy!
  2. happy birthday to you rabia :)

  3. rabbia

    Photoshop Query!

    or if any1 knows abt any such tutorial plz refer me as soon as possible ! maine cheating karni hai Thanks!
  4. rabbia

    Photoshop Query!

    http://wiredblogs.typepad.com/cultofmac/lugzeminem.jpg Can anybody tell me how to create this eminem background in photoshop? i mean these r just solely gradients or watercolour effect? Thanks!
  5. rabbia

    Musharraf Imposes Martial Law

    nice coverage :)
  6. rabbia

    ***something 4 You***

    :( thanks kis baat ka wapas lo isay abhi ..... and say welcome to my thanks :flower:
  7. rabbia

    Brave Muslim!

    http://iviews.com/articles/Articles.asp?ref=TV0604-2965 plz read it out!!
  8. rabbia

    3 Little Words

    :inlove: wow!!!!! wht a deep post appreciatable !!!!
  9. rabbia

    Something Special For Special Members Of Cy

    any msg 4 me? :angel:
  10. rabbia


    :laughing: b4 reading this i iwas sad but very happy now :)
  11. rabbia

    ***something 4 You***

    thank u very very much
  12. rabbia

    Sardar Jee Going To Lhr

    yeh acha hai ;)
  13. rabbia

    Pm's Interview

    y u guys r posting old jokes again n again??
  14. rabbia

    ***something 4 You***

    our main? kisi ko main nahi yaad hoon theek hai koi baat nahi :(
  15. rabbia


    tears 4 lost one

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